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Re: Pearl Grass emersed.

>On Sun, 05 Oct 1997 21:54:41 +0800, in rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants
>you wrote:
>you mean that pearl glass keeps growing above the water line..? Please
>explain more exactly ...I am very interested ..

I don't think Pearl Grass has stems strong enough to hold it upright when
it grows out of the water line.
But what it does is,when u try and grow it on "dry land",so to speak,it
creeps along the gravel and changes its texture to "waxy" leaves. The color
becomes a lighter shade of green too. Sorta bright green.

So,because of that,if u grow a considerable amount in a pot,u can get it to
cover the soil and form a carpet like texture. Note that this carpet
texture only occurs when Pearl Grass is out of water..not it water where it
grows UPWARDS.

What are u planning to do? Are u thinking of an open top tank or planting
Pearl Grass emersed?
Also do take note that when u grow it emersed,u'd have to put it in a
container or pot WITHOUT holes at the bottom. Fill the container with
gravel or soil then fill that with just enough water to cover the gravel.
After a few days,the water will evaporate and the water line would go below
the gravel level. Because there are no holes at the bottom of your
container,the water in it would take some time to dry out completely.
For mine,i top-up water  to "gravel level" every 3-4 days.
In fact,because i've got some success out of Pearl Grass,i'm also trying to
grow Riccia emersed now! :-)
Will let u know the result... :-)