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Far-Red lighting

Way back in "the old days," when the Gro-Lux tubes were first introduced, I
used them to grow Gloxinias and African Violets - both from seed. (If you are
interested, it is a bit like having a cat that regularly has kittens. You get
so darned MANY Gloxinias and African Violets that you run out of plant stores
to sell them to, then start Giving Them Away. Rots of Ruck. You run out of
friends before you run out of EITHER kittens or Gloxinias! You know you are
in trouble when you start approaching a home, carrying a couple of beautiful
blooming Gloxinias, and you see the shades suddenly drawn, and then NOBODY
will answer the door!!) 

Anyway, to get really good results, we had to have a small amount of ordinary
incandescent lights mixed in with the Fluorescents. It seems many of the
"low-light" terrestrial plants needed Far Red Infrared light in order to grow
properly. Without it, a lot of strange things occurred, including leggy
plants, dwarfed plants, etc., depending upon the exact species of plants

Just wondering - could our Aquatic Plants have similar characteristics?  We
are now discussing getting "Red" light - - - could the "Far Red" also be

Food for thought, not a declaration of Scientific Fact.


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa
P.S. You can figure how old I am just by researching the introduction of the
Gro-Lux tubes. :-)