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Re: my tiny tank (again)

Hi all you lighting people, here's a question for you! I've got my five
gallon tiny tank set up with crypt. wendtii, pygmy swords, and some java
moss. The crypts and swords melted about a week ago and are beginning to
show new growth (yea!). I've got a thirteen watt florescent desk lamp
(the kind that bend in the middle, so I can easily adjust the height)
overhead, and after reading about the flat crypts, I was wondering how
far above the tank it should be? I'm no good with equations
(lightxdistance=wattage etc), so if those of you who are could give me
an idea of the appropriate distance to be directing 1.5-2 watts per
gallon onto the plants, I'd appreciate it. All my plant are lower light
since I thought I'd stick to incandesent (till the melting...), so I
don't want to over-do it and be giving them nearly 3 watts per gallon.
Right now it's about thirteen inches above the tank, so I must me losing
some wattage, right? Thanks in advance for the help.