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MTS's Disturbing Substrates

> Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 10:09:44 -0400
> From: Ryan Murray <rmm at acpub_duke.edu>
> I am considering getting Malaysian Trump. Snails for my new 75g Discus
> tank.  Will they dig into the gravel far enough to disturb laterite in
> the lower third of the substrate? Also, is there anyway that they can
> coexist with Clown Loaches?  I've heard that the Clowns, which I have
> had for years, are great snail eaters, but I'm curious if, because MTSs
> burrow, they can reach an equilibrium with their predators.

I've got a population of MTS in a 15gal with 3 3" clown loaches.  The
number of large ones stays steady, but I don't think they are multiplying
as fast as in the other tanks.  Clown loaches are not real enthused about
them, possibly they are harder to extract from their shells - they can
retreat quite far and have a trapdoor (operculum) to pull in after them.
This tank has a couple of cm of gravel as substrate - it's just a sort
of holding tank with unrooted plants only.