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Re: Transformer for Dupla heating cables

In APD Vol 2 Number 1002 "Frank I. Reiter" <FIR at istar_ca> said:

< snipped much bragging about his big new tank, and what a good deal he
got on Dupla cables (-: >
> I have searched far and wide, and not yet come up with a 42 volt/200 watt 
> transformer.  So, I turn to the collective knowledge of the list:
> 1) Where can I find transformers for these beasts?

You may be able to find a transformer in an electronics surplus store.
However 42 sounds like an odd voltage rating for the U.S.

> 2) What are the issues surrounding running them at some other voltage, like 
> 24?  How would this affect heat output or transformer sizing for example?

Ohms law says: P(ower in watts)=E(volts) x I(current) so a 250W cable at 
42 volts draws 5.95 amps of current. Driven by a 24 volt transformer the
same cable would draw 10.42 amps. I doubt the voltage is crititical for
something like a heating cable. You will need to supply a transformer
can supply sufficient current. I would recommend something capable of 15
minimum, preferably 20 Amps for a safety margin. As always Your mileage
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