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D.E. filters

I own and use both Vortex and System One filters, and have used the Magnums
as DE filters. For a really LONG run, the Vortex is best, but it is a _lot_
more fuss to set up. For a simple thorough water polishing, I prefer the
System One. Incidentally, I have two of them, and one is "Original," IOW made
before the inventors sold the invention to the bigger company. System One is
not intended to run on a 24 hour a day basis - the motor gets pretty hot. I
bought my first Vortex in the late 60s, and have managed to replace just
about every part over the years, including the motor!  (Joke coming -
"Yessirree, this is the Same Axe my Great Great Grandfather brought over from
the Old Country. It has had five new handles, and two new heads, but it is
the SAME axe!" )  The Magnums are more fuss to set up than either of the
other two.

As I think about it, I guess I use the System One filters at least ten times
as much as the Vortex, just because they are so easy to set up!  They also
work quite satisfactorily.

Just my experiences, as they say, Your Mileage May Vary! :-)