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Transformer for Dupla heating cables

I recently had the opportunity to pick up some Dupla heating cables at very 
good prices due to a local distributor going out of business, so I took all 
that were available to me, including a Duplaflex 1000, a 250W 42 V cable.

Late today my new 280 gallon tank arrives (Hooray!) and unfortuantely I 
haven't figured out yet how to power this cable.  Apparently the cables 
used in in North America are usuall 24V rather than 42?

I have searched far and wide, and not yet come up with a 42 volt/200 watt 
transformer.  So, I turn to the collective knowledge of the list:

1) Where can I find transformers for these beasts?
2) What are the issues surrounding running them at some other voltage, like 
24?  How would this affect heat output or transformer sizing for example?

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