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Re: Rosy Barbs

>Date: Tue, 7 Oct 97 18:48:29 EDT
>From: mvariano at vnet_IBM.COM
>Subject: single rosy barbs
>One Rosy barb may indeed control your hair algae, but they are a
>shoaling fish. It is generally accepted that a minimumof six are
>kept together to reduce their "picking" on other fish...So if you
>have other fish in the tank and you like them, one barb is not the
>way to go........

Sometimes,i tend to think of fishes having their individual characteristics.
I have found that some Rosy barbs actually REFUSE the hair algae thing but
some are just great eating it!
Similarly,the one i have doesn't seem to bother my other groups of
fishes,ie,Cardinals,Harlequinns,etc. In fact,it doesn't pick on anyone
other fishes besides the flora (algae,Riccia,etc).
Hence i think close monitoring of each Rosy (presumably u only have one!!)
would be useful to see if it does the "job" it's supposed to! ;-)


>Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 18:10:07 -0600
>From: Charley Bay <charleyb at cytomation_com>
>Subject: Rosy Barbs and Hair Algae
>These guys are breeding like mad in my 180g.  Thanks to the suggestions here
>I'm going to introduce ONE of the littler ones into my killies bog tank
>(29g) and
>see how it goes (the killies are breeding too, and I hope it prefers the
>hair algae
>to the baby killies).  Since so many of my plants are doing very well, I think
>it must be a taste-preference for those plants it decides to eat.
>If this works, I can start the Rosy Barb Distribution List because new ones are
>popping up every day (and they grow to 1" really fast).  They are really
>too-- a truly metallic gold or metallic red.

Hey! I think u'd better "go slow" on letting the Rosy in with your baby
killies!! I wouldn't bet on it preferring ONLY algae there! ;-)