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Beginner's Questions about Water Chemistry.

Hello All,

I've been on the list for a few weeks now. I've learned a good deal in
just this short amount of time. I am researching what it would take me
to set up a planted aquarium. I've kept tropicals for over 30 years and
would like to now expand my interests.

Could you please name for me some good *basic* sources -- to better
understand the "ins and outs" of water chemistry for the planted

I checked my tap water tonight, with the following results:

pH - 6.6
KH - 3
GH - 60 ppm
CO2 - above  15 mg/l (TetraTest)

I was surprised how soft the water was. Any comments about the water out
of my tap that might be helpful? Thank you.

Walter B. Klockers
Washington State--where ALL our pets get wet!