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Snail ID

I was thinking MTS until he said "low fecundity."  -Cynthia


>From: "Kenneth James O'Brien" <kobrien at westsound_com>
>To: <Aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
>Subject: Unknown snails
>Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 01:02:23 -0700
>while living in Okinawa, Japan, I found the local aquarium stores keeping a
>peculiar species of snail in their planted aquariums.  One of these snails
>of ca. 1.5-2cm in diameter could scour the algae off of every leaf, of
>every plant, from every square mm of  rock, form every grain of gravel and
>from every square cm of glass in a 50 liter aquarium.  This snail did not
>have a high fecundity and so did not become a pest, and in addition, it
>never damaged one plant; only algae.  At one time I had both the genus and
>species name of this wonderful critter--but no longer.  In all my years of
>keeping aquariums I've never seen anything like it in the United States. 
>Do you have any idea if this wonderful gastropod (or one with similar
>merit) is available to aquarists here in the states?  Sincerely, Ken