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Re: Nitrogen deficiency ?

At 09:32 PM 10/6/97 -0700, Stephen Pushak wrote:
>I have an Hygrophila corymbosa with yellowed leaf tissue growing in my
>49 gallon tank which has recently had a new substrate installed. The
>substrate is layered: 1 inch of subsoil, sand and 1 pound of Micronized
>iron; 1 inch mixture of peat and sand with 60 grams of FTE (fritted
>trace elements) covered by a layer of regular aquarium gravel. 

I'll be interested to hear what the others have to say.  Quite honestly,
with such a complex mix in the substrate, I think it's pretty hard to
pinpoint a specific problem.  It seems to my to be highly unlikely that
there is a nitrogen deficiency in such a new tank with a soil substrate.
In my experience, Hygros, particularly the larger leafed ones, are strong
root feeders.  The plant _should_ be able to meet its nitrogen needs from a
moderately fertile substrate.

I think the actions of many of these minerals in combination is very
complex, and that often the problems we see are not necessarily
deficiencies but imbalances.


P.S.  I finally got a color scanner, so if you want to see some pics of my
tanks, I can try to send some.