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Re: "Polishing" filters-diatomaceous earth

Macon Cowles <sealaw at nela_org> wrote:

> I want to buy a good polishing filter for my tanks, and I would like to
> know if anyone has suggestions of their own, or comments on these:

I've used the H.O.T. Magnum filter ($70.00 Cdn) with pretty good
success. The outlet is adjustable however you have to get the water
level up within an inch of the top of your tank or else, you'll get an
awful lot of turbulence at the surface. Aiming it down is no good
because it digs pretty good holes in the substrate with a strong flow.
If the outlet went another inch deeper it would be goof. 2 inches would
let me relax with leapers like SAEs and killie fish who can clear a 4"

Steve in Vancouver where it's dark outside (night time, eh?)