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Tank re-setup

    Well the long awaited event has finally occurred, my 15 year old 50 gallon L-shaped plant tank has started to leak. I say long awaited because I was told by the LFS that 90% of these tanks all leaked within the first five years. I moved this tank 8 months ago and set it up with a laterite substrate with about 3 inches of 2 mm gravel. Needless to say, consistent with one or more of Murphy's Laws, all plants are doing perfectly without any visible algae of any kind. Since I can't find another L-shape tank, and I think that an attempt at repairing this one may be futile, I plan to replace it with a 55. So, the question is, how to handle the transfer of the substrate. My current thinking is (after de-planting) to remove the top 2 inches of gravel and rinse it. Then remove the bottom inch containing the laterite and transfer it directly to the new 55 and add the cleaned 2 inches back. Even though the laterite layer (1 pound laterite) is only 8 months old, would it be beneficial to add another pound while there is an opportunity ? Would this result in too much laterite ? Or should I rinse it all out and start with just one new pound ? Thanks for your opinions.

BTW: Pertaining to the thread about the quality of different brands of aquariums, the All Glass company has purchased Oceanic. The current marketing plan rumor is that All Glass will continue the Oceanic name and quality as it now exists, but if you want a genuine Oceanic, you better buy now.

Mark Shelton
In Huntsville, Alabama where we're already preparing for the "El Nino" winter ice storms.