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Re: "Polishing" filters-diatomaceous earth

> From: sealaw at nela_org (Macon Cowles) wrote:
> Subject: "Polishing" filters-diatomaceous earth
> I want to buy a good polishing filter for my tanks, and I would like to
> know if anyone has suggestions of their own, or comments on these:
> Choice No. 2:  System 1 Pressure Filter available from Pet Warehouse for
> $83.95. The picture of this filter in the current Pet Warehouse catalog,
> 10, is very small, and so it is difficult to tell what that parts are
> and whether you can change the direction of the return so it does not
> straight down.
The System 1 Pressure Filter will be the best piece of equipment that you
will ever buy!  It's not small; hangs on the aquarium; you can change the
direction of the return even while it is running; no siphon to start --
and, you can even buy an enlargement kit if you think that it is not large
enough for you.  The jar that comes with it is a little over a quart size
and the enlargement kit is 1/2 gallon with a larger filter cartridge.  Of
course, it uses diatomaceous earth properly on these cartridges (which
lasts for years).  Also available as an accessory is the Universal
Cartridge which can be used as a regular filter; for carbon; for softening
water by ion resin exchange; etc.  I have been running mine for over ten
years and agree that it is a professional filter.  Choice No. 1 is a "toy".