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"Polishing" filters-diatomaceous earth

I want to buy a good polishing filter for my tanks, and I would like to
know if anyone has suggestions of their own, or comments on these:

Of course there are the old Vortex diatom filters that use a Ball canning
jar and sits on a narrow round base so that it often falls over on its
side.  While these are clumsy to set up and use, they do a very good job of
filtering water particles down to 1 micron.  I want something that does as
good a job as these, but was designed for easier use.

Choice No. 1:  The Diatomagic Filter available from That Fish Place for
52.99.  The current one hangs from the side of the tank, on the inside
actually.  My concern with it is that the return is a nozzle that
apparently has only one direction-straight down toward the gravel.  Of
course I do not want it stirring up the substrate, so that is why I would
appreciate the experience of anyone who has used one of these.

Choice No. 2:  System 1 Pressure Filter available from Pet Warehouse for
$83.95. The picture of this filter in the current Pet Warehouse catalog, p.
10, is very small, and so it is difficult to tell what that parts are like,
and whether you can change the direction of the return so it does not point
straight down.

Please let me know if you have experience with either of these, or if you
have another polishing filter that you recommend, I would like to hear from


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