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De-nitrators, Jaubert, etc.

I have had GREAT success with Jaubert system plenums with salt water. They do
require a lot of patience, something one can easily ignore if you have not
read Dr. Jaubert's actual research dissertation. (Try your local University
Library, look in the various Ichthyological Journals, and go back at least
ten years.) I found it takes at least six months for the Plenum system to
stabilize. My original experimental tank is only ten gallons, and it started
with uncured Live Rock, and over 160 ppm Nitrates. The "Live Sand" was simply
coral gravel taken from Salt tanks with Undergravel Filters. Lots of little
fire worms, etc. in that gravel.  For the past year it has stayed at zero
detectable anything. (No fish, of course!)

I have also had success with Active De-Nitrators, specifically a tall column
filled with Bio-Balls. I got the entire idea from Diskus List, but can't tell
you the issue. The person who "invented" the bio-ball column gadget did so
"To totally eliminate Nitrates from his planted tank with Discus."  I figured
that, if it worked in fresh water, it would work in Salt.  Anyway, it _does_
work, in both.


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa