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Re:Crypts for trade.

During the next week or two I will be clearing out quite a bit of C.
crispatula, var. tonkinensis , C. x willisii, (formerly C. nevellii), and a
variety or hybrid of Wendtii, which has narrow leaves and is greenish brown
with some red and about 10 inches tall with good lighting, but which looks
like a large nevillii under weaker lighting.  I am willing to send these
for some trade.  They are free of hair algae.

I lost all my C. parva, and am looking for more.  I am also on the lookout
for other varieties of C. crispatula other than balansae and, of course,
other than tonkinensis.  Also looking for C. albida (costata), C. fusca, C.
hudoroi, C. minima, C. moehlmannii, C. nurii, C. retrospiralis, C.
spiralis, c. walkeri.  Also looking for any varieties of Alternanthera

Paul Krombholz in Jackson, Mississippi with typical dry, warm, October