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Black lights on aquarium plants

I have a full spectrum bulb and a blacklight above a twenty gallon
high, within an el-cheapo shoplight, above a glass hood as an anecdotal
experiment.  Substrate two inches of one part vermiculite to two parts
potting soil with osmocote slow release and a capfull of phosporous free
iron rich pond fertilizer under 1.5 inches of 1/8 in blasting sand. I
want to see the effect of this higher spectrum on my mixed bag of
plants; sagatia, A. cryspus, melon sword, running sword, micro sword,
bacoba. After two months, there appears to be no overt adverse effects
on any species. The running sword is sending runners at least two per
plant everywhere! All plants seem to be spreading out over the gravel,
instead of fighting for space at the top.  Leaves do appear somewhat
smaller than I expected, but they are green and appear strong and
healthy.  Has anyone done any work with backight?  If so,  what  plants
have you found  that respond well and which dont?