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SAE and Uncle Ned's

   Well there is info on Uncle Ned's in the archives, but I guess I will
post this again so the people without browsers can have it.  

Uncle Ned's Fish Factory

    They have SAE, ship in the US, and are up in Mass.  They run around $6
a piece and will ship either priority mail @ ~$10 or UPS @ ~$30.  They
import them directlly from over seas and stock them regularly.  
    I would also sugest getting a price list first as they also carry a
neat varity of other unique fish.  I wish I had the list first, right now
they have a few I would have definatlly ordered:(  

    Nice guys, nice packaging, and nice fish.  I received 10, I found one
dead the next day, but that is not a bad track record.  I would try and
count the remaining, but I cann't  find them:):)  I mean I see a few at a
time but the rest are digging around:)

And let them know where you heard of them.