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Uses for water hyacinth


>From: "B. Van Beek." <BVANBEEK at ENG_UNZA.ZM>
>Organization:  The University of Zambia
>To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
>Date:          Fri, 3 Oct 1997 10:01:51 +0200
>Subject:       Zambia
>I'm a dutch student from the agricultural university of Wageningen 
>and I'm doing a practical course at the university of Zambia at the 
>department of civil engineering. Lately the topic of concern is the 
>unstoppable growth of the water hyacint in several lakes in afrika.
>It's for instance causing problems at the Kariba dam, which is an 
>very important energy provider of Zimbabwe and Zambia.
>I've been trying to get proper information about this aquatic plant 
>but that's very difficult in this place. 
>We're aiming to solve this problem and it would ofcourse be nice if 
>this plant could be used for other purposes.
>For instance as food for cattle, this is just out of the blue.
>Could you send me some information about this plant and maybe there's 
>some interesting research done which we could use to get started.
>Thank you very much,
>yours sincerely,