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Best Lighting for Aquarium plants

OK, so noone wanted to take a crack at my "flat cryptocoryne" question.  
Maybe you all _like_ your crypts flat, I don't know.
I did some reading about lights on the Krib and read Richard Sexton's 
article on "Artificial Lighting" of aquaria and he suggests that, if you 
are using fluorescents, a mixture of the folowing is best:

         1 plant light (such as regular Gro Lux)
         2 wide spectrum plant lights (such as Gro Lux WS)
         1 Chroma 75 or equivalent (such as VitaLite 75 = 7500K)
         This involves 4 tubes, which is what many of today's fixtures 
Does anyone have comments on this setup?  It is pretty different from my 
current one, which consists of 4 Trichromatics (Corallife).  I agree that a 
mixture of lights is a good idea, but what is the best mix?  I might add 
that in one tank I have primarily "stem plants", and in another, all 
non-stem plants.  The non-stem plant tank has the flat crypts.

Thanks for any thoughts,

Roxanne Bittman