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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #991

On 10/03/97 at 03:48 p, Peter O'Dwyer (Aquatic Plants Digest) said:

>I have been considering building my own using an inexpensive PC, 
>specifically, the PLCDirect DL405 and DirectSoft software. 
>However, it's a  very expensive solution (~$2K) and will require
>alot of programming.  Has  anyone used a PLC to automate all
>systems on there aquarium?  If so, how  did you interface the pH
>probe and perform calibrations?

There is a brand new thingie from Siemens called a LOGO (comes in
several models) which is a programmable controller and costs about
$200.  Take a look at it, it is pretty cute.  Six inputs and four
outputs (120VAC, 7A).  So for many purposes you can dispense with a
relay!  And four builtin timers.  And power failure protection (of
the timers and program).   Pretty neat!


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