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Re:Iron Test Kits

Christopher wrote:
>A short question on Iron test kits. I would like to know what are 
>better ones, their cost, availability, and any comments a user might

I did some tests on the inexpensive Red Sea kit and found the 

It definitely will show you weather or not you have iron in your 
water. For instance the Red Sea kit showed no iron in the water I used 
to fill my aquarium.  A week later it showed a definite presence of 
iron in the water after I had began making Flourish additions.

It reacts to chelated iron, but it takes time.  I would wait at least 
15min for the color to develop.

It will show you if you have an iron level greater than about 0.2mg/L. 
 At this point it turns to a distinctive brown color.

The problem is there isn't a lot of difference between where you first 
get an indication of iron and something over  0.1mg/l.

If you want to determine the difference between  0.05 and 0.1mg/L than 
this is not the kit for you.

If you just want to detect the presence of iron and that it's not over 
about 0.2mg/L than this kit would be fine.