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Iron Test Kits

Christopher wrote:
>>>A short question on Iron test kits. I would like to know what are the
better ones, thier cost, availability, and any comments a user might

If you have $50 or so, I think there is general agreement that Hach
(IR-21) and LaMotte (7787) are the kits of choice.  LaMotte kits are
available by Mail Order (That Fish Place and others).  Hach kits can be
purchased directly from Hach (800-227-4224) P.O. Box 608, Loveland, CO
80539.  I have both kits (iron testing used to be a fetish of mine, but
I've gotten over it :-) and I believe the Hach kit does a better job
with chelated iron (not scientifically proven).  

Many APDers have had problems with the inexpensive iron test kits.  See
the archives.  Someone experimented and ended up with some confidence in
one of the cheaper kits, but I don't remember which one and I don't
remember if the experiment was with chelated iron.

The web sites are:

Regards, Steve Dixon