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Re:Use of Aquadyne controllers

Peter W O'Dwyer wrote;

>I have been considering building my own using an inexpensive PC,
>specifically, the PLCDirect DL405 and DirectSoft software.  However, 
it's a
>very expensive solution (~$2K) and will require a lot of programming. 
>anyone used a PLC to automate all systems on there aquarium?  If so, 
>did you interface the pH probe and perform calibrations?

I don't know what a DL405 is but MPJA(www.mpja.com) sells a PC data 
acquisition  kit for $170 or $180 assembled.  It plugs into the 
parallel port, monitors 16 digital inputs, 11 analog inputs(0-5vdc, 
10bit ADC) and has 8 digital outputs. With the rapid obsolesce of 
computers you should be able to pickup a useable computer for less 
than $100.  Obviously it will require some understanding of 
electronics and computers to use this approach but it would be an 
interesting project and would cost no  where near $2k.