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Plant Books

Hi all,

        Need a little help here.....
        I recently became interested in identifying aquatic plants
(either gathered or from the store) and was wondering if anyone out
there could help me with my quest.  Ideally what I am looking for is a
complete aquatic reference with good color photos, coherent descriptions
and cultivation information. I know that is a very tall order, but I
have a feeling that someone on the list  has "the perfect book" lying in
their library.
        I have a strong botany background so a technical reference is
not a problem.  Actually I would prefer something like along that line.
I work at a fish store in the Pacific Northwest, but am unable to get
anything through our suppliers that fits the bill. More than anything I
just want to know what I am looking at and how to make it thrive. Any
suggestions on anything along the above perimeters would be most

    Thank you all for your time and help.
                Amy Marie Pittman                 amy at nas_com