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CO2 regulator


I just got myself a bottle of CO2 and also a regulator for the bottle.  I got the stuff from a wholesaler who can't give me any information on how to use the regulator.  Can anyone here on this list give me a hand?
The regulator I have has two gauges - one with the scale running from 0 - 4000 psi and the other with the scale from 0 -140 psi.  I know that the first gauge shows the tank pressure (which currently is 700 psi) and the second gauge shows the outgoing pressure (which currently is 32 psi).  The regulator also has some kind of an electrical control device attached to it.  The brand of this device is bürkert and has the following label:
	301-C-1, 2-B
	220V 50-60 4W
	PN 0-10 bar
	120970E L TUG
This device also has a small little plastic screw at the back with an arrow indicator which I can turn to either position A or B.  It also has 4 metal screws at the bottom.
Can anyone tell me how do I control the outgoing pressure and how do I use the electrical control device?

Thanks a million.

Tony Lim

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