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Re: blue-green algae and calcium

>  This is a new one on me, elvated Ca levels being condusive to BG algea
>out breaks.  I would be interested in why Ca would have that effect.  I
>did not realize that non calcerous(sp?) algea (or bacteria) needed large
>amounts of Ca.

I believe the Rataj/Horeman "Aquarium Plants" book makes a reference to
"Cyanophyta" and calcium. (I think they also connect lack of current to
blue-green outbreaks.)   My own experience has been that blue-green algae is
most commonly a problem in saltwater tanks or freshwater tanks with fairly
hard water.  I almost never see it in planted aquariums in which half or
more of the water is R/O (GH<5).  Of course, limiting the calcium without
addressing an overabundance of nitrogen or phosphorus won't make a tank
algae free - another variety of algae will be happy to move in.