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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #989

   Go to home depot and the such and look at any ballasts.  They all have
wiring diagrams and color coded wires so don't worry.  I did what your
saying, and it works well.  Definitely locate the ballast off the hood as
their heat will warp the hood, at least the plastic of a Perfecto light
strip.  I removed the guts, lined it with mylar, drilled holes for the lamp
holders and bolted them in.  That's it.  Well of course wired it, and added
a switch inline.  The only thing I was disappointed about was that I could
not find electronic ballasts for bulbs so small.  Graingers lighting support
line informed me that the smallest ballast they had was for 24" tubes, Oh
well.  If I had electronic ballasts I would not have warped the light
strips, just one more reason supporting larger tanks:)

  One other thing that I never fully researched was Power Compacts, since
you are undertaking this, look into them you may be able to get a little
more power that way.  Just a thought.

Good luck,