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Light Shopping

I just came back from a visit to the nearest BIG home store which is
Home Base. I was looking at their lighting supplies and found no 4'
T-8's. The sales man said "T-8's :-), We don't sell those, but we can
special order them for you." Is this common? They did however sell lots
of T-12's. They had GE daylight bulbs for $4.99 and GE sunlight bulbs
for $9.99. The daylights had a higher kelvin value then the sunlights. I
think around 6500. Both were 40 watts.Which bulb would work best? Would
two pairs of either lights be enough for a 140 gallon tank? I'm not sure
I can fit nore under the hood. And is it true that only make electronic
ballasts that can only operate 2-40 watt bulbs? How do the cheapo
shoplights get around using those huge ballasts?  

Thanks for any help,
Jeremy in Corvallis Oregon