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converting single to double lights - how is it done?

Here's what should be an easy question.

I'm considering converting a single florescent light hood (All Glass
brand - 20" uses 18" lights)to a hold two florescent lights; I was
planning on removing the white plastic interior, removing the ballast
(placing it externally on the floor) and then buying a couple of
reflectors, two pairs of endcaps, and getting an energy efficent ballast
that would be able to hand the two 18" lights.

My question is, are there any plans on the internet on how to do this? 
I'm confused on how to wire up two lights from the ballast (do the
ballasts that support two lights have two sets of wires, one for each
light? Or do I have to wire them up in parallel?)  What about the
starter - would I need two?  I've replaced ballasts before in a hood but
that was for a single light.   All the "home improvement" books I've
seen only show you how to wire the single light ballasts up and the
ballasts are always mounted next to the lights - never on the floor, and
never with one end plugged into an outlet.

Any advice would be most appreciated!  (Brands, procedure, etc..) You
can email me your comments and suggestions directly!

As always, thanks for your time!
Walter P. Wu
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