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Re: Oodinium

Oodinium addendum:  Ok, dinoflagellates are/were in the algal phylum
Pyrrhophyta, so called since they are the cause of bioluminescence
in the ocean waves.

From http://cs.dal.ca/~irwin/zoe3.html :

	The Dinoflagellates - Pyrrophyta

	The dinoflagellates are the among the largest and most 'animal like' of
	the algae. Although they photosynthesize, some of them are herbivores.
	Many of the dinoflagellates are motile - moving themselves to the
	nicest spots in the water column. They have two flagella that act as
	their swimming appendages.

	Some dinoflagellates are are bioluminescent - they give off light when
	jostled. Some people speculate that this is a type of burglar alarm.
	When the zooplankton try to eat the dinoflagellates they give off light
	which alerts the zooplankton's predattors to thir position.

	A number of dinoflagellates produce toxins. These toxins cause
	paralytic shellfish poisoning as well as a number of other ailments.

	Some dinoflagellates live within animals in a symbiotic relationship.
	The symbiosis between the dinoflagellate and the giant clam is the
	secret to its success!