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ChazzHess at aol_com wrote: <<<<<Subject: Blue-green algae problem
I've had a terrible blue-green algae problem for about 2 months.  I
believe I
introduced the algae into my tank with some water from my mosquito
bucket.  I
read in the faq that erythromycin phosphate at 200 mg per 10 gals is one
to control this plague.  Anyone out there have any experience using this
method?  Where does one obtain erythromycin?  What effects will this
have on
my biological filtration?  Thanks.>>>>>

It will provide a temporary relief of the problem, without affecting the
real cause of it. It may kill the filter, making actually things worse.
Some people use it, but in my opinion it is not appropriate. Work out
instead a control plan involving phosphate and nitrate control, proper
fertilization and lighting.