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Good results w/kitty litter, AND an aponegeton question

Hello all,

FWIW, I started a 29 gallon planted tank about 6 months ago and used
litter as one component of the substrate and I'm very pleased with it 
(so are the plants).  My swords are growing well, vallisneria too, and 
my aponegetons flowered w/in one month of going in the tank.  No
negative effects have shown up at all.  On the basis of that test, I'm
planning to make the same type of substrate when we set up our new
55 gallon tank.

On another note, what do aponegetons look like as they begin to go 
dormant?  I have some (in another tank) that may be doing so but
I'm not sure...

Pat JJ
(jellison at ceps_nasm.edu)