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Re: Iodized salt

I said:
      <<Please note that here in the states they have table salt in TWO 
      FORMS_ iodized, and non-iodized.  Do NOT, repeat do NOT use the 
      iodized stuff in your tank.  The iodide ions in iodized salt is FATAL 
      to fish.>>
  Enayet answered:    
     << I have used iodized salt in my Discus tank without any problem. The 
      Discus are still alive.  >>
It has been common knowledge since the seventies, or possibly longer even
than that, that iodized salt is bad in tanks.  But Common knowledge has been
wrong before.  Despite the fact that several ancient Greeks calculated the
diameter of the Earth to within a hundred miles of the currently accepted
figure, Aristotle chose the "Flat Earth" theory, and this became common
knowledge for a couple of millenia.
    Iodized salt may indeed be okay, and I am willing to be corrected on
this.  HOWEVER, I am not willing to experiment with it to the possible
detriment of my own fish