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Re: Lighting 125 gallon tank

Jeremy Sheppard wrote, Mon., Sept 29:
>...Thank you for responding, actually I failed to mention that I intended to
>install 3 of the 4 bulb T8 electronic ballast for a total of 2 banks of 6 36"
>bulbs.  From the advice you have given could I conclude that this is to much?
>360 watts of light into 125 gals. seems reasonable from the research I have
>done. Please advise further on what you (or the rest of the group) would

Twelve bulbs will give you more rapid growth than eight, and eight will do
a pretty good job.  Some of the best growth I ever had was in a 75 gallon,
my biggest tank, that was getting sunlight in the afternoon.  With more
light, growth and nutrient consumption is greater, and CO2 additions cause
bigger increases in growth rates.  In very little time you will be trimming
bushels of plants from your tank.  On the other hand, hair algae can take
over more rapidly and more nastily (is uglyly an acceptable adverb?) with
higher light.  If I were you I would really try to plant only plants that
are free of hair algae.
Also, with that many bulbs, you should consider a ventillation fan to keep
all those bulbs from overheating and crapping out prematurely.

Paul Krombholz in Jackson, Mississippi with pleasant fall weather.