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Re: Kitchen salt- Re: tail rot

In a message dated 97-09-29 04:00:09 EDT, Dionigi writes:

<< A very safe and effective treatment is two tbsp of kitchen salt each 10
 gal. Neither plants nor the filter will be affected, and it works
 quickly. Find out the source of the problem.
Please note that here in the states they have table salt in TWO FORMS_
iodized, and non-iodized.  Do NOT, repeat do NOT use the iodized stuff in
your tank.  The iodide ions in iodized salt is FATAL to fish.
    The non-, repeat, NON-iodized salt is the same price, and sits right next
to the bad stuff in the supermarket.  It is labeled Plain, or Non-iodized,
and states <<This product does not provide iodine, an essential dietary
mineral>>, or something like that.