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Re: Cichlids and plants

> Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 08:05:46 -0400
> From: "Ken Guin" <kenguin at erols_com>
> Juan Wrote:
> >So I donīt think it is too hard to keep ciclhids with plants, at least
> >the ones I have as long as you give them an adequate diet.
> As far as cichlids and plants: I should have mentioned that I was
> interested in Central or South American cichlids and not Africans.  If
> anyone out there has had success with keeping CA or SA cichlids in a
> planted aquarium, please let me know.

THere are three kinds of cichlids to avoid in planted tanks:

1) vegetarians like severums, uarus, most tilapias and mbuna. A big severum
will go through a planted tank like a cuisinart.

2) big muscular cichlids that are clumsy in a tank.

3) cichlids that like to tear up plants to clear out visual obstructions
in spawning areas (most Central Americans).

Other than those, there are a lot of cichlids that do well in planted tanks.
Even small geophagines (eartheaters) aren't too bad as long as they have a
clear area to do some gravel-sifting for entertainment.

I've had no problems with SA dwarfs such as rams (Papiliochromis ramirezi),
Laetacara curviceps, Nannacara anomala and west African riverines like
kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher).  Apistogrammas are only happy in planted
tanks.  Angelfish and discus like to hang out in plants and don't harm them.

I've got some Julidochromis marlieri, J.dickfeldi and Lamprologus leleupi
(Lake Tanganyikans) in a tank full of Vallisneria, Java moss, Java fern,
Limnobium (frogbit) and duckweed, and plants and fish are all doing well.