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36in T8 Bulbs

I have a empty 125 gal tank in my bedroom and I can hardly stand it! 

My problem is setting up the lighting system. I have discovered a 4 bulb
electronic ballast for $36 but I am unable to find 36" T8 plant bulbs
spectrum or otherwise). Has anybody used a system similar to this? If so
brand and model number of lights did you use? If anybody has a
successful 125
gal planted tank I would love to hear about! Please email me directly so
can chat with you.     p.s. THIS PROJECT IS THE MOST AMBITIOUS I HAVE

Jeromy Shepherd, Clearwater Florida
Love the list, keep up the great comments

Jeromy -

If you don't want to use 48in bulbs, Triton has 36in 30W, 1in diameter
bulbs. They are T8 in diameter only, but not high efficiency bulbs.
A previous posting doubted that there are any high efficiency T8 36in 
bulbs available, probably only 48in because that is the standard size
for commercial lighing applications.