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First INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of 'Aquarium Plant Keeping'(February 1998)

First INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of aquarium plant Keeping 'in cyberspace'.
Proposed date: February 1998

The purpose of this 'meeting' is to put all of the latest development
keeping aquarium plants on the WWW. The conference is  not  meant to be
purely scientific since most people keep aquarium plants as a hobby.
Abstracts of articles could be set on a separate webpages which are linked
together. If there is sufficient interesting articles, proceedings could be
published in periodicals such as TAG.

The following subjects could be discussed(and  for each topic we need a

*new technologies (light, heating, etc.)
*substrate requirements
*introduction of new plants
*plant classification
*more topics are welcome.

For every topic everybody could send an abstract of about 200 words (and
separate article).These text-file can be put on the webpage so everybody can
read it.

Please let me know if you are interested to participate or/and want to be a
moderator. Also if you have other topics to discuss.

Jos Liem VAPG(Canada)
E-mail: liem at direct_ca
Webpage for conference: http://mypage.direct.ca/l/liem/ICOAP97.html