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Re PMDD Souces

Hey Chris,
   Your right, the Home Grown web site says their mix is Fe 7%, B 1.3%, Mn
2%, Zn 0.4%, Cu 0.1%.  No mention of Mo and the Zn is a little high.  I
could have sworn when I got the mix it was a closer match.  But for the
life of me I can not find the numbers on my computer.  But as far as the
reference to Mg, that is what the Epsom salt is for, and there is no
mention of it in the original Sears and Conlin trace mix that I can see.  I
do understand your approach, but remember, unless something is way out of
scale, most mixes will do.  I remember a while back someone was concerned
with the copper content in one of the mixes, I guess that was not CSM and I
found a mix, Jungle I think, and it too was way to high in Cu.  Just keep
in mind, the PMDD approach is not a rigid one, it is meant to be tailored
to your tanks.  A little extra Mg in soft waters, a little less KNO3 in
high bioloaded tanks.  Add more trace mix if the iron levels are to low, of
a little less if the algae is to plentiful and thought to occur from the
iron levels.  The idea is to monitor you water parameters and modify the
mix as needed to achieve the desired results.  But it does pay to start off
at a point where others have had success.  And one last thing on that note,
I have had success with the Homegrown Trace mix and K2SO4.  

Good luck,