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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #981

In a message dated 97-09-28 03:53:02 EDT, Jim Spencer writes:

 I'm planning to buy an acrylic tank and I see for about 10% more I 
 can get it with a black back.  I was wondering if anyone out there 
 has bought an acrylic tank with a black back and if they thought it 
 was worth the extra cost.
 J >>

I don't have any acrylic tanks, but I usually spraypaint the back wall, and
also, depending on its intended use, sometimes the bottom and one end.  I
find it more aestheticly pleasing, and in certain situations, with certain
species of fish, I think it gives a little more psychological comfort to the
fish (this is perhaps a litlle wierd on my part, but what the heck- we all
have a little wierdness somewhere).  At least I find that my dwarf cichlids
are less skittish when they feel (or at least I think they feel) that they
are against a river bank, and only have to watch for predators from one
    I wouldn't pay an extra 10%, as a can of acrylic spray paint is only
$2.69.  If I place the tank upside down on a piece of newspaper, on a smooth
, flat surface, and spray downward at the back and side, I have no problem
keeping overspray from getting inside.  Besides, you can choose whatever
color you want if you do it yourself.