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JESSICA'S Hillstream Loach.

A bit of clarification: Jessica, it's good to find out your fish is a
Gastromyzon sp. Why I asked for the scientific name is because,
unfortunately, the term "hillstream loach" is used "rather loosly" in
retail stores that I often haunt. Here it could be Pseudogastromyzon sp,
Gastromyzon sp, OR Noemacheilus sp. Thank you, Frank, for your last
post. I learned some things. I have never kept these fish in great
quantities. It makes sense that territorial behavior would change with
increased numbers. I've had greater experience with Noemacheilus sp.
than the others. Some Noemacheilus sp. can certainly be aggressive and
can cause damage to like or similar species--whether you have 2 or 20.
Gastromyzon and Pseudogastromyzon, like Frank pointed out so well, will
show signs of territorial behavior, but with little damage done. Sorry
for the confusion started from this end. (Frank, I stumbled upon
"Pseudogastromyzon cheni" in a book called "Aquarium Fish," by Ulrich

Walter B. Klockers
Washington State--Where ALL of our pets get wet!