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PMDD Current source of materials for Canadians and others


I have just begun the search for the materials to  make up the PMDD (Poor
Mans Dupla Drops). I thought my findings might be of interest to anyone who
is currently looking or thinking of looking for the materials to do this.

Source for Plantex CSM
Plant Products of Brampton Ontario, makes the Plantex CSM. When I called
them they said that this product is not available in Canada, in other words
they ship all they make to the USA. Instead they have another product
called Chelated Trace Mix, different formulation. (.1 Cu, 7 Fe, 1.5 Mg, 2
Mn, .4 Zn,.06 Mo, 55 EDTA by percent).  Since I am trying to stick with the
original Recipe I chose to track down an American supplier that would send
it back across the border.

Burton Flower and Garden Supply, (BFG as they call themselves), have two
outlets, one in Ohio and one in Michigan. I called the Ohio branch and they
said they had 5 pound bags of Plantex CSM at a cost of $31.50. They  took
the order and sent it out of the Michigan outlet. Their number in Michigan
is 1-800-883-7234, or 1-616-824-3750. I gave them a Credit card number and
they said they would send it.

Source for K2SO4, KNO3, MGSO4.
Home Grown Hydroponics of Ontario (http://www.hydroponics.com/),
1-800-INFO-GRO, have the three other ingredients as well as thier own
Chelated trace element mix (CTEM), ( Fe 7%, B 1.3%, Mn 2%, Zn 0.4%, Cu
0.1%). I have chosed not to use thier CTEM for the reason above. The
following are the prices for the components all three come in quantities of
500g. K2SO4 and KNO3 are both $3.40, MGSO4 is $5.00. Their CTEM is $6.00
for 100 or 150g, the salesman could not remember.

I have not ordered from Home Grown yet as I want to check a few local
stores first for prices and availability. The fellow I spoke to at Home
Grown said they did do mail order so I think I am set if I don't find a
local source.

Hope this helps someone, good luck.

Christopher Carrigan
Arras, B.C.  V0C 1B0

carrigan at pris_bc.ca