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Vermiculite v. Laterite

Hi all!

 I have been trying to
understand the function of laterite et al. as I am about to tear down
and rebuild my 75g planted discus tank.  I do not want to attempt any
oragnic material in the substrate yet but am interested in using some
high CEC material such as laterite in the bottom 1/3 of the substrate. 
I am particularly interested in the difference in vermiculite and
laterite in terms of this functionality.  While vermiculite does not
iron (I gather but may be wrong) wouldn't it adsorb iron from the water
column if PMDD style suplementation was used?  If so what is the
advantage to using laterite over much less esoteric vermiculte?  Also,
is there any consensus on the difference between tropical laterite and
the US mined product (eg the A.R.T. clay stuff)?  I apreciate anyone's
time in helping me to straighten out my current confusion.

Ryan Murray
In sunny and then not so sunny Durham,NC