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Re: Bending plastic tubing

Mark wrote

>I am planning on setting up multiple plant tanks on central 
>These will be nursery tanks as well as display tanks.  My problem is
>creating the U-tube for the overflows.  Has anyone bent clear rigid
>tubing with success.  I always tend to make it collapse or distort. 
>easy method would be greatly appreciated.  Also, does anyone have 
>tips for overflows (in general)?

I have been successful in bending PVC tubing (" dia to 2" dia) in
fairly tight radii by filling the tubing with dry silica sand, capping
the ends (small hole in one cap to let the expanding hot gas escape) and
heating over my barbeque.  I use purpose-made "hot gloves" to  hold the
tubing (kitchen-type hot mittens should work as well).  I use almost
anything cylindrical with the right radius as a form to make controlled
bends.  I have never made extremely tight bends but the sand has always
kept the tubing from collapsing on the larger bends (bend radius > ~5 X
tubing dia) and may work for tight bends.  You may want to give it a

Other thoughts:  how about using rigid PVC 90s with clear PVC straight
sections (glued, of course) or SuperKing siphon tubes ("equal to two 1"
siphon tubes")?

Good luck,

Spike Cover
scover at pacbell_net