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Re: Tele-plant info

>      First, you have to suffer through an advertisement from one of our 
>      lesser quality LFS.  The script, obviously written by the same LFS, 

Bark and Purr is hardly one of the lesser quality LFS which is the name
of the company which has the ad.  Their coral selection is one of the
best in town.  The freshwater & plant section is limited, but the health
of the specimens is high and their frozen food selection is the best
and the cheapest.  Same pricing exists for their tanks which I've found
out compete Amazonia, Gallery of Pets, Aquarium Forum, and Stephen's Pets.
I have not priced the one out on Braker, but I'd be surprised if
they were exceptional as they were not in other cases.  

Now, if you want to talk hardware costs, BnP isn't the place to go.

>     The irony is Austin actually has two LFS that know how to keep plants, 
>     and sell CO2 systems, substrate additives, and plant fertilizers, 
>     along with a nice selection of plants.

Here you're largely talking about Amazonia which has the following problems:

1. They've got one or two people that can "keep" plants.  Look at their
show tanks.  Only the discus tank has plants that are there month to month
and they are amazon swords and hygrophila.  Hardly challenging.  The other
plant tank looks completely different to me at every arrival.  

2. The C02 unit they sell is the virtually useless Tetra one that is less
automated than the DIY CO2 unit.

3. Their prices on substrates, fertilizers, etc. are terrible. 

4. Their prices on lighting are obscene.

They *do* have a good selection of plants.  I'll give them that.