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Tele-plant info

     Our local newspaper runs one of those touch-tone telephone information 
     retrieval systems on subjects like news, horoscopes, lotto numbers, 
     They have an "aquarium plants" category in the pet information 
     section, so naturally I called it.  Pretty disappointing.
     First, you have to suffer through an advertisement from one of our 
     lesser quality LFS.  The script, obviously written by the same LFS, 
     begins by listing some of the advantages of aquarium plants, i.e, 
     removes nitrates, can help keep down algae, refuge/food for fish, adds 
     color and beauty, etc. So far so good.
     Then, they list the disadvantages, such as difficulty in keeping, 
     their need for "specific water requirements", 12 hours of light, and 
     how decaying plants can pollute the water.
     They go on about the advantages of plastic plants, like not having to 
     wait for them to grow, fish can't eat them, and they don't die.  The 
     disadvantages are they offer no challenge, and cannot remove nitrates.
     They conclude by stating some aquarists like to keep a mixture of 
     plastic and live plants.
     The number is 512 416-5700, category 1159, for those who are Truly 
     Interested.  It's in Austin, Texas, and whatever the long distance 
     charges are for you, IT'S TOO MUCH!!!
     The irony is Austin actually has two LFS that know how to keep plants, 
     and sell CO2 systems, substrate additives, and plant fertilizers, 
     along with a nice selection of plants.