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Re: Ick remedies/malachite and copper

Dave Gomberg wrote:

> >Malachite green does not contain copper
> Don't buy ANYTHING from the person who said this, they are either a
> drooler or a crook.

Andrew wrote:

> 	Well, I'm sure our resident chemists will give a more complete
> explanation here, but to say malachite doesn't contain copper is akin to
> saying bauxite doesn't contain aluminum ;-)!

Well, when I did the research on malachite green when my tank got ich,
I found an explicit reference that indicates malachite green does not
contain copper.  The reference is from Kevin Conlin in the October 1995
archive of the aquatic plant mailing list.  Because I am not a chemist,
I have to trust the words of other people on chemistry matters.  And I
consider Kevin Conlin (co-inventor of PMDD) a reliable source of

Now there are conflicting opinions on whether malachite green contains
copper, I certainly hope someone who knows malachite green can speak up.
If malachite green does contain copper, I sincerely apologize for
distributing the wrong information.  I was only acting in good
faith when I reply to Jeffrey Chow.

Let me make a suggestion, when the matter settles, why don't we put this
piece of information into the FAQ or the Krib.  Malachite green is such
a commonly used fish medicine and it will be beneficial to all aquarists,
not just plant keepers, to know for certain whether malachite green
contains copper.

To Dave Gomberg, your name calling is uncalled for and extremely
insulting.  I do not sell any aquarium related products and I have
no plan to do so.  I was only trying to help a fellow aquarist.

Louis Lin