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Re: Bending plastic tubing

Roger Miller wrote:
In reply to Mark,
>>...  Has anyone bent clear rigid
>> tubing with success.  I always tend to make it collapse or distort.  An
>> easy method would be greatly appreciated.  Also, does anyone have design
>> tips for overflows (in general)?
>You might find it less expensive and easier to use pvc or cpvc pipe from
>your local hardware store instead of clear plastic tubing and to use elbow
>fittings to create the bends, rather than trying to bend the stuff.

Another method is to use the frosty white polyethylene tubing as provided with 
refrigerator ice-maker kits. It is available in larger diameters, too, but 
1/4" works well for slow drains.

Insert a piece of stiff iron wire (wire coathanger works, as do garden-stake 
wires) and bend to the desired shape. Dunk in boiling water for a few seconds, 
and wait for it to cool before sliding the wire out. It holds shape remarkably 
well, but is still semi flexible. Quick and cheap if you need a lot. Stiff 
enough to not collapse while bending. Translucent enough to see bubbles.

If it *must* be clear, you might try bending acrylic tubing in hot water after 
loosely filling with fine sand.


PS Cyn, how about summarily removing the jerks that quote entire digests to 
make one-line comments? The pruning turns out to be most painful on my system.


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